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 Inventory Check 11/2015

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Inventory Check 11/2015 Empty
PostSubject: Inventory Check 11/2015   Inventory Check 11/2015 EmptyWed Nov 18, 2015 5:10 pm

Open MEP :

Meet the member :
Currently open

Girl next door :
Theme : A girl is jealous of a perfect girl that everybody loves.
01 part open

Boom Clap :
Theme : Non/Disney couple tribute
4 parts Open

I ship it
Theme: Favorite OTP/Shipping tribute
8 parts open

So In Love With 2
Theme: Love Triangle
5 parts open

And it feels like Jealousy
Theme: A main man loves a girl but she loves another man. So the man is trying to hold his feelings
all parts open

The Power of love
Theme : Femmslash love
01 part open

Kiss My Eyes
Theme: Hero/Heroine overcomes the odds
01 part open

Dark Horse
Theme: Hero/Heroine overcomes the odds
02 parts open
Closed MEP :
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Inventory Check 11/2015
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